US Mortgage Finance - U.S. Mortgage Finance II, LLC holds my mortgage but I cannot find one bit of information about them

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BAC Florida Bank is a server along with subs-erver Dovenmeuhle Mortgage Inc for US Mortgage Finance II, LLC. I cannot keep up my payments and am in foreclosure proceedings. I have asked to speak directly to the mortgage holder and have been told by server and sub-server this is not possible. Why not???

I haven't been able to find one piece of information on this company. Don't I have the right to "face my accuser". I have asked to reduce principle. My house is worth today 1/3 of the mortgage, so they are not willing to discuss short sale.

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Did you resolve your BAC & U.S. Mortgage Finance II, LLC - same problems here. Not allowed to talk to "private investor that bought my mortgage"


Good luck with finding info.I've been trying to deal with BAC Florida on a real estate/bank issue and they are the worst, rudest, most incompetent bank I've ever dealt with in the 35 years of doing business.

It's typical Miami business as usual I'm sorry to say....

What do you want from a 3rd world bank?Wish I would have known that before I get into financial bed with them.

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